Services you may need to pay for

Some services are not funded by the NHS

The NHS provides free healthcare but some things don’t count as “healthcare” and need to be paid for.

Any medical report, work medicals, forms or letters in support of private treatment are not part of NHS work. This also includes doctor’s letters to the local council or other organisations.

Please expect to pay a fee for these services. A guide is shown below but please confirm with us the fee before we carry out the work. The completed report or form will not be returned to you until you have paid.

To request a letter such as this from a doctor please attend the surgery and complete our letter request form – so we can ensure we are completing the most appropriate type of letter for you and process your payment. We prioritise your clinical care, therefore administrative requests are processed within 28 days of receipt, depending upon clinical demand.

Print out of summary of medical conditions and repeat medications, vaccination historyNo fee
General letter/To whom it may concern£20
Private sick note£20
Fitness to travel (notes review only)£20
Passport or driving license forms£25
Power of attorney£25
Request for additional information£30
Questionnaires (price dependent on length)£25-50
Medical insurance certificate£50
Holiday cancellation form    £20
Private school report£50
Appeals for benefit/housing requests that have been turned down£50
Occupational health form£60
Solicitor’s report£95
General practitioner report£95
Private medical reports including examination and report/completion of required forms.
(additional investigations: blood, urine, ECG and radiology are additional cost)
£200 per hour, min charge £100 for 30 mins