Patients Registering for Care who Live Out of Area

We are happy to look after patients who don’t live locally subject to a few considerations laid out below.

If you live or move outside our catchment area (shown in Catchment Area on this page) and want to register as an “out-of-area” patient, please take note of the following conditions:

If your medical concern requires attention, you must be able to visit the surgery during our opening hours. Phone consultations may not be appropriate for certain issues.

Your own health should not pose any personal factors or concerns that could prevent you from attending the surgery.

At present, you should not require access to any community health or social care services, as these are organized geographically.

It is your responsibility to visit the surgery to collect items like prescriptions and make suitable arrangements.

Home visits cannot be provided under any circumstances.

In the event that you need a GP but are too unwell to come to the surgery, please contact us initially. If we determine that you require services in your local area, we will direct you to the appropriate local service established by NHS England. This service could be a GP practice near your home, a local walk-in or urgent care centre, or a minor injuries unit.

You must reside within North West London.

Please understand that if your health needs change and you require access to other services, such as home visiting doctors, we may review your registration and ask you to register with a GP closer to your home.

Registration with our practice is subject to our discretion. If we find that your care needs become more complex after registration, we reserve the right to review your registration and ask you to register with a GP closer to your home.

In the event that we become aware of your out-of-area residence, we will notify you and ask for your agreement to the above conditions. If we don’t receive a response, we will send reminders. Failure to comply may result in deregistration. However, please note that we will still provide care on an “immediate and necessary” basis if an urgent need arises.